Spiritual Coffee – Martin Hudak’s cocktail book

Značka: PSko

A written history of how coffee found coctails.

Martin Hudak, one of the world’s best-known bartenders and co-founder of Sydney venues Maybe Sammy and Sammy Junior, is releasing his first cocktail book, Spiritual Coffee, all about coffee cocktails.

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Kód: 978-80-974072-0-9
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Spiritual Coffee – Martin Hudak’s cocktail book
Značka: PSko
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€39 –25 %

Charting from the discovery of the coffee bean through to the first combination of spirit and caffeine, to modern day recipes and crystal ball-gazing into the future of coffee cocktails, Martin has pulled together a wealth of information, history, story telling and drinks to definitively give the world a complete account of coffee cocktails.

“If you are looking for the best source of knowledge about coffee cocktails, Martin’s book is definitely it!!! I have found it a great source of knowledge and inspiration for combining those two worlds in the best possible way!! A MUST HAVE in your library!!”
Agnieszka Rojewska

“We’ve spent over a decade of our professional lives celebrating delicious drinks and late nights – what could be better than a book dedicated to both, and who could be better to create this than Martin Hudak. Caffeinated cocktails have captured the imaginations of drinkers across the world and Martin has paid such a wonderful tribute to so many original recipes, while bringing it bang up to date with some of his own creations. If the future of coffee cocktails looks like this – we’re in good hands…”
Hannah Sharman-Cox and Siobhan Payne

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