How much does delivery cost?


Shipping within Slovakia is handled by 123kurier or Slovak post.
Standard Shipping costs 5€.


International shipping is handled by Slovak post. Delivery to most metropolitan areas is less than 9 days.

Shipping costs vary depending on individual countries but as a general guide small/large packages:

12€/14€ to Czech republic

15€/21€ to United Kingdom

14€/20€ to Europe

27€ to Worldwide

If you are unable to select your country at checkout, it means we do not currently ship there. There may be one or more reasons, such as lack of courier infrastructure, high risk of theft, or safety risk for our customers importing this type of product.

If we currently do not ship to your country but you are still interested in purchasing, please contact us by email

When will my order be sent?

Generally, your order will be processed next business day.

If your order cannot be dispatched within 4 business days, we will contact you to arrange an alternative.

When will my order arrive?

Standard Slovak orders should arrive within 4 business days.

International orders to major cities in many countries usually arrive within 9 business days. Regional areas can take longer.

If you need it before a particular date drop us a note in the comment section of the order or email and we will do our best.

Who do you ship your orders with?

All Slovak orders are sent via Slovak Post or 123 kurier. International orders are sent via Slovak post.

Will I have to pay any taxes or duties on my order?

This will depend on the Customs agency of the country being delivered to and whether the value of your order falls under the Tax-free threshold for import duties. We advise that all such taxes and duties are the responsibility of the customer. For more information please check with your local Customs office.

Many locations, most notably the UK, Australia and Canada will charge you Tax and Duty on imported goods from Slovakia/EU. Most countries however have zero impot Tax and Duty on books. For more information please check with your local Customs office.

The US will generally only charge additional duties if your order is over $800 USD in value.

What if my goods are damaged or faulty?

If your goods arrive damaged or faulty, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will organize an exchange for you.

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